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Hot Production Area

Control the temperature of hot production areas – reduce accidents in your workplace

Hot production areas are high-risk by necessity, requiring a team adept at negotiating dangerous production areas while complying with health and safety legislation – and avoiding injury in the process.

These are high care areas – and they require effective cooling and safety solutions to ensure that temperatures don’t get out of control.

We’re here to help, providing you with effective temperature control across your facility, and ensuring your production processes don’t become too hot to handle.

To help you with hot production areas, we can:

  • Ensure your production areas don’t become hotter as you increase your production capacity
  • Make sure your operator efficiency doesn’t decrease in the hotter sections of your factory
  • Reduce the risk of accidents in high temperature environments

We’ll work alongside you to ensure your factory stays optimal while we work on our improvements.

Temperature control is a must in any production facility – so contact us for efficient, future-proofed solutions.

To improve the temperature control of your facilities, contact us on 0113 202 7300 or info@penmann.co.uk

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Negative Room Pressures

Negative room pressure – ensuring your facility is hygienic, safer and cleaner

Controlling the air pressure within your production facilities is vital to keeping them hygienic and safe.

With uncontrolled air ingress, the microbial risk is heightened, threatening the safety of your employees and the quality of your produce.

Our expertise in negative room pressure is renowned, providing you with ventilation which is future-proofed, cost effective and to ensure minimal disruption in your facility.

We can help you with:

  • The operation of gas fired plants in a negative pressure environment
  • Controlling air ingress, thereby reducing microbial risk
  • Controlling insect ingress by altering the negative pressure in your facility
  • Putting your air handling systems back in balance

If your business is suffering from negative air pressures, we’re the company to get in touch with.

To resolve air pressure problems in your facilities, contact us on 0113 202 7300 or info@penmann.co.uk

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Non-Compliance with Standards

Non-compliance with standards – Don’t leave your facility vulnerable to danger

Non-compliance is an umbrella term which could relate to any number of failures within your facility – and we’re here to help you identify and fix them.

Problems with non-compliance could include:

  • Safety standards for your employees
  • Your own manufacturing standards
  • The manufacturing standards of your clients

We specialise in helping our clients comply with health and safety legislation, as well as maintaining the standards expected of them from their clients.

All of our solutions are tailored to meet your business needs, and to ensure that your food or drink production facility remains futureproofed and of a high quality.

To make sure your facility stays compliant, contact us on 0113 202 7300 or info@penmann.co.ukTo learn more about effective compliance standards, read how we helped an international brewer improve safety on their premises

Condensation Problems

Food production condensation problems are a threat to hygiene – contact the experts to see it fixed

Condensation in your facility will increase the risk of mould and cross contamination and, because of increased cleaning times, will reduce the productivity of your employees.

If condensation is causing problems in your facility then you need to improve your local extraction methods – and we can help.

Using future-proofed methods, we’ve created a more even air temperature and reduced the danger of condensation for many of our clients.

We can help if you:

  • Have a high-steam producing plant which would benefit from local extraction
  • Need an alternative approach to condensation control (when local exhaust is not practical or possible).

As with all our work, we’ll do our best to ensure minimal disruption to your production line while we install your improvements.

Avoiding condensation is vital to effective food production – so get in touch with us today.

To ensure your facility is condensation free, contact us on 0113 202 7300 or info@penmann.co.uk

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Energy Usage too High

High energy usage is wasting your company’s cash – let us make you more efficient

Efficiency improvements are vital in the modern world of food production, as well as for every other company.

It’s vital to your bottom line, vital to improving your carbon footprint, vital to a customer’s perception of your brand and vital to the effectiveness of your processes.

We can help you implement alternative ventilation systems which will reduce the cost of your energy bills.

To ensure you’re receiving the most energy efficient products, we’ll find cost effective ways to build eco-conscious features into our designs.

With energy efficient improvements, your business will enjoy:

  • A lower carbon footprint, making your business greener
  • Reduced energy costs – see cash savings on your bills
  • Waste heat efficiently utilised elsewhere in your facility

Our ventilation, climatic and cooling systems are designed to ensure efficiency and low energy output. Get in touch to find out more.

To ensure your facility is energy efficient, contact us on 0113 202 7300 or info@penmann.co.uk

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